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45hp Case Spark Show


We tried a spark show with our case tonight. We had it belted up to the baker fan and shoveled saw dust in and let the firebox door open a little this is our first time trying it so we need some pointers. How is the best way to do it? We would like to be really good at it and do a good one at our local show. :wave:



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Those are secret recipes among traction engine folks. I'm not sure they want to share it on a public forum. ;)


Nick S.

Fill fire box to top with good big sawdust flakes, and wait until they are all nice and charred. Keep fire box door closed as much as possible. I dont like all of the cold air on flues. Try shoveling sawdust into ash pan while pulling it hard. It will actually pull the sawdust off your shovel. Keeps the show going longer without having to shut down and fill firebox with dust again. Also when you are pulling it hard, open the smokebox door and shut it. It will have a cool effect on the amount of sparks beacuse of the change in exhaust. If you have access to corn cobs that are chopped up a bit throw those in too. Not only will you have sparks but tiny fire balls thrown out and a fuller look to the sparks. Oh and always, always, always keep a good flashlight to keep an eye on pressure and water level.