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6-71 Detroit engine mount dimensions


Hi everybody!
My first attempt to place a request regarding 6-71 dimensions I think was not a good idea to reply on an existing thread - sorry:O

Anyway - here is a new one.

For an industrial 6-71 engine (1063-7305) I'm in need of the positions and sizes of the threads lateral on flywheel housing (not the SAE flange and the flywheel itself) and as well these on front end.

On the flywheel side there are 4 threads on each side which have are rectangular pattern (3 inches lengthsways and 2 inches in heigth). Theres is also a "stop edge".

On the front side there 2 lateral threads each on the machined face and 2 thru holes in the bracket/foot.

Does anyone have drawings with "official" dimensions?

Ideas/hints welcome!

Thank you so much!

Greetings from Germany