60hp Case auction Kearney Nebraska

Robert M

New member
It is headed to Grand Island,Ne. I believe the gentlemans name is Jim Riley, he also owns a cute little quarter scale 60 or perhaps 75 Case.
I think that he may have purchased a fairly good engine, even though the handhole plates hadnt been out of it in years. Over-all out side apperance was very good. Gearing was next to excellant, I feel that it will need a set of flues, and just looking inside the fire box, stay bolts looked good, and the grates were better than average.:)
Even though the auctioneer said he was selling it as a paper weight, he was just protecting himself and the sellers from any liaibility, and that he new nothing about a steam engine. (to my knowledge, which is ok)
It was most certainly not scrap, and I think the price reflected the engine accordingly. :shrug: