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6HP Gray Marine Engine

David Henderson

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6HP Gray single cylinder 2 cycle. The lubricator takes care of the main bearings and the piston but the carb is dumping right into the crankcase, wouldn't this wash the connecting rod bearing free of any oil? Should the fuel be mixed with oil and if so what type of oil and ratio? Thanks in advance for any input.

Ned L

Yes, Most early two cycle marine engines are run on two cycle fuel (oil & gas mixed). My 5 hp Acadia runs on gas/oil.

I think the ratio is pretty forgiving. The preference being to use too much oil rather than not enough.

It was pretty common for the oil to drop out of the fuel air mixture in the crank case and just pool in the bottom of the engine. Many engines have a drain plug or even a pet-cock in the bottom of the crankcase to drain out the accumulated oil.