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8-inch Lemmey Ericsson

Brent Rowell

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A new friend contacted me recently about his Ericsson engine made by T.W.B. Lemmey of New York City. Lemmey, along with Heath and a few others, made what were essentially copies of the popular Ericsson engines made by Rider-Ericsson; both Lemmey and Heath were former employees of DeLamater Iron Works, one of the predecessors to Rider-Ericsson. Interesting that the engine looks much like the earlier DeLamater Ericssons although the legs were castings almost identical to those of Rider-Ericsson's. No patents were violated as Ericsson's patent was declared invalid for reasons described in my book on the history of Rider-Ericsson. As far as we know this is the only surviving example of a Lemmey.



They did not copy the concepts of operation ...
it's really a double with only the name changed,
flywheel straight spokes, feet in fusion as in my 6 ".... nice engine