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8HP Hicks Model Engine

Pat Matthews

Model, as in "1:8 scale model".

My back hurts, and real Hicks weigh too much, so I make models instead. Model boats mostly... but if you want to model a Monterey Clipper fishing boat, you NEED a Hicks in there.

Mine is developed in CAD, working from original Hicks factory drawings, which can be found at the SF Maritime.

Parts are mostly 3D Printed in several materials- including waxes for lost wax brass and bronze castings.

The work is still in progress... it can be followed at:

BTW-- where are all the Hicks lovers? The last Hicks post here was in 2013... :(


Pat Matthews

Re: 8HP Hicks MODEL Engine

Thanks all!

The model was the cover girl on the Summer 2017 issue of "Ships in Scale"... interesting, as the mag is usually focused on traditionally-built models of wooden ships, not 3D Printed models of stink pot engines!

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and, a video of it running:


Richard Durgee

Re: 8HP Hicks MODEL Engine

Outstanding Work !

The video says Yuba Hicks, the beautiful model is of the
earlier Hicks Gasolne Engine Company, the cam shaft at
90 degrees to the crankshaft.

Yuba started making Hicks Marine engines about 1925, thier cam shafts
were paralell with crankshaft, engine cylinder had a bit of a squarish look !