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A 1945, MODEL Radial Engine--Morton M5

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I saw this for sale on ebay:


US $1,504.99 Used in Toys & Hobbies, Radio Control & Control Line, RC Engines, Parts & Accs
View on www.ebay, here:

Also, unrelated to the above auction (and I have no affiliations with either) is a COOL VIDEO of a [presumably] vintage Morton M5, RUNNING:



I was just seeking opinions on the perceived worth of the non-running M5, on ebay, and what theories folks might have about what might be needed to get it running?

Here is some background I found, on the engine and company:

Morton M5

And I apologize if I didn't post this in the right place, and would ask one of the Mods to kindly put it wherever it should be. Thanks much!

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I have held a Morton M5 in my hands, my old machinist buddy has, or had one...beautiful little motor.
I also have a copy of the factory plans to build the M5, can't remember exactly where I got them.
As of maybe 10 years ago, there was a gentleman in Utah that was producing cylinder castings, He may ahve passed on by now, he was in his 70's, as I remember...I talked to him on the phone once or twice.
As to value of that one, I have no idea, other than as rare as they are, it's probably worth the price...

edit: after reading the link you posted, the Utah guy is mentioned. Bruce Satra...
I don't know how old that article is, or whether Bruce is still around.
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Many years ago I too was given a set of drawings for the old Morton engine. Having read all the shortcomings of the Morton I decided to redesign the engine. I used the basic bore and stroke but changed the following:
Cylinders and heads are separate and screwed together.
Distributor is set vertical through a set of miter gears.
Carb feed fuel through the back of the crankcase so as to eliminate one of the original Morton problems.
My engine has a two stage oil pump for feed and return.
I changed the cam design and moved it up front using an internal gear with cam lobes machined onto the perimeter of the gear. This moved the pushrods up front more like a conventional radial.
After the initial runs I found that the bearing in the front of the engine didn't provide enough support so I made an adapter to use two bearings.
I couldn't find a prop with enough mass to run the engine at slow speed so I made my own out of aluminum. The hub is a two-piece affair with circular recesses machined into it. The prop blades have a matching boss witch is trapped into the hub. The pitch can be changed by loosening the screws on the hub and twisting the blades. Upon tightening the hub the blades are locked into position.

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If anyone would know how to improve an engine design that would be George !

Ground adjustable prop, nice touch.

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Here is my Morton M-5 on a custom stand I fabricated (love that word). I watched :uhoh: several YouTube videos of them running, and don't really want to try with that 3 bladed prop :shrug: .