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A-90 Wheelhorse

Candy T.

Hi All,

How rare is a A-90 Wheelhorse? It has a vertical shaft engine. The bearings are stuck and engaged on the mowing deck. Otherwise it runs and drives. It is a 4 speed including reverse. 8 horse Briggs and Stratton engine.

Candy T.:wave:

Brian Lynch

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Not really a rare item although not seen on yards everyday. I have one customer that has had one since new and still cutting with it. They are a rugged built little mower based loosely on the old REO Lawn Skiff rider. If the engine is OK, deck not rusted through and trans works like it should, I'd say get it. The deck is an easy fix. New bearings, blades and belts will set you back about 125-150 bucks.

Candy T.

Ours has an electric mower engaging system. The lever hits a switch to engage the mower. Did all of the A-90's have that?

Candy T.

Hi All,:wave:

Well, we finally got around to taking pictures of the A-90 which we purchased awhile back. The deck is pretty much toasted but it starts and runs like a champ.

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