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Kohler: A fool and his money............

..........are soon parted.

I responded to a Craigslist ad regarding a Kohler generator about six hours away from me. Looking at the pictures, it's a manual start L600 with some obvious problems including:
A cracked cast iron base, between the oil pan section and the radiator. Appears to have been brazed, and then re-cracked.
Big dent on top of the radiator shroud from something being dropped on it. I don't think it hurt the radiator though.......I hope.
No carburetor.
Oil pressure adjustment on side of crank case appears to be missing.
The control box on top of the generator appears to be original, but there are no switches, meters, etc. Only two duplex outlets. Have no idea what's inside...spiders?
Still has the mag, fuel pump, etc. but no oil filter. The block off plate appears factory.
Here's a link to the ad........https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/grd/d/eagle-creek-kohler-generator/7048616148.html

Hey, stop laughing! I've tackled much worse when restoring flywheel engines. I'll be able to do a better evaluation once it's in my hands.

The young man I talked to (16 years old) told me that it DOES turn over with some mild compression. He was unable to find any sort of tag giving the model number or output, only the radiator manufacturer's tag. Of course it could be hiding under the lovely "front porch green" paint (applied with a brush), Anyway, the asking price was $70 and he agreed to store it (covered) until I can drive up there in the early Spring.
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Thanks for rescuing that! The base looks like an early one. Haven’t nailed down the year that they changed to the later style, but I’d guess early ‘50’s at the latest. The radiator shroud looks later, but again I don’t know when they changed that either.

Based on the size of the generator I’d say it’s probably in the 2 ~ 3-1/2 kW range. Is possible that it’s DC.

The nameplate would have been on the radiator shell, down low, on the carburetor side. Can see the four holes if you zoom in.


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Is that the carburetor sitting along side the engine? In any case, at least he was asking only $70, so you can't lose too much.
I too, zoomed in on the radiator shroud but couldn't see anything. I asked about the carburetors but was told they belonged to the kid and were in the pic by mistake. I'm HOPING that it's an AC unit, based on the outlets and as for the carburetor, updraft carbs are still pretty easy to find once I know the bore size.

First order of business will be to totally rip it apart and get that base welded up correctly. There's a guy here locally who's supposed to be a whiz at welding cast. Then I'll start looking over bearings, bores, valves etc. and settle on a course of action.

After second look, BOTH those carbs are updrafts. One appears to be a Zenith and the other a Marvel Schebler. Would either be correct for this engine? If so, maybe I'll offer a few (very few) bucks more.
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Funny, I ran across that ad several days ago. It's only a 3.5 hours' drive from me but it needs more than I can give it. I saw the carbs and thought, "Oh good, a carb." I guess not...
Morning! Well, you're right..........it's going to need a lot, but it was the only one available within a reasonable (?) driving distance. I won't be able to pick it up until around March, assuming the weather cooperates, and I'll start posting progress here on the forum then. Meantime, I start cleaning a space in my shop today.
Well, I still haven't made the trip to pick it up yet. I ALMOST did last week and then the weather dumped over a foot of snow. As for a carb, I found a Chinese one made for the little Cub tractors. One of the members here informed me that the engines are the same displacement, so I ordered it.

In the meantime, the Coronavirus made its debut, shutting down just about everything.

So, I have ONE piece (the new carb) sitting on the shelf. Sigh............ah well, it'll wait until I get up there.