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A God send or an Omen.

Angus II

Hello, Guys. It's been awhile for a post, but I've just been lurking...
Well, look what I found at my local salvage yard: another AGND engine:bonk::bonk: It was either a God send or an omen....
Let me start off with why I "needed" this engine. Some of you guys will recall that I had some problems with my woodspliter a year or so ago. Well, I found that other AGND with the clutch-drive on it, but didn't want to use it(but got it running and stored it for a rainy day..) So, with the help and direction from you folks here. I cleaned it up and rebuilt the engine after finding the internal parts that were needed(thanks Heins). It ran great this past wooding season.... until it was my turn to split my wood.:eek:
Yes, I was a nice guy and lent it out too a few friends for their chores(I'm such a sucker).. It split an easy 15 cords for them, but the day I was ready to start my wood splitting, it was a different story. I hit the starter button, it fires right up. But 10 seconds into it, it starts missing,huh. I open up the choke, that doesn't clear it up. It's missing, popping and will not go to full throttle. Then starts the grinding noise. I shut it down as quickly as I could but, the damage was already done.
I scratch my head wondering that can be wrong. Turn the crank shaft by hand, it rotates but no magneto snap.... I proceed to pull the timing inspection plug, damn the cam and magneto marks don't line up.... Yep, missing teeth on the cam again... I pull the magneto and it was wasted, it turns but no snap. I look at the teeth on the gear and they are in bad shape but, it's the arm (that trips the mag?) is broken off and jammed behind the gear.
So, the magneto is a goner for sure also.... Damn. I pull the main bearing plate exspecting a crank gear with missing teeth, but no all teeth are there and it's timing mark still line up with the cam gear. Needless to say this engine is a goner....
Good for me, I still have the other AGND engine on the engine stand. I primed the carb and give it a crank, got a pop.... Crank it over again and it starts and runs. Great, now to swap out the engines out. I took the advice of you guys and took off the clutch drive assm.(it was dry anyway) moved my hydro pump perch and was back in business with the hand crank engine. No ease of a starter on this one, yet less likely for someone to barrow it now...
So, when I was down at the salvage yard and saw this Wisconsin engine laying on top of the pile in the scrap dumpster I got goose bumps... Could this be what I'm looking for to repair the now boat ancor? I climb up there and position the engine so I can turn it over. It rotated the crank and got a snap out of the Magneto, great. It didn't have the ID plate, but the crank case number looks right, magnetos on the correct side for CCW, it has to be what I'm looking for.... I ask what the price would be(scrap price) $10.00, alright I'll buy it, if the numbers match of an AGND.. They did and I'm now the new owner of another AGND engine. The only drag is the the magneto is not complete and it's an Wico. The others are Fairbanks-Morse....
I've already stripped the engine down to the bare bones, popped the head, cylinder looks good and someone has been in there before(marks on the head and piston) along with gasket sealer at base and bearing plates. My plans are to use this engine as a back up engine for the spitter or for another project. I'll pull the crank case off the base plate, clean out the oil sump and pump. Check the rod bearing for play and the mains for wear marks.If everything checks out, I'm slapping newer gaskets in it and sealing it up.
But, what I need to find is another good magneto that will fit an AGND engine. The part numbers are Fairbanks-Morse FMXD1B7R1 or Y-107B-S1
Wico XH-2523B or Y-108B-S1
I could always go with a ignition timing assm.(distributor) TF116, since this engine is also drilled and tapped for the starter system..... I think Heins may have one of those, I'll have to see if he chimes in or I'll reach out too him by phone or private message.
Well, if anyone has a magneto; I know someone that needs one. PM me if you can help a guy out.
So, was this engine an A: God send
B: an Omen to my insanity
I'm sure you guys know what these things can do to good people.....
Thanks for listening...
Kevin S.
Oh, and I know we all like picture, so here are a few.... The damage and the new engine. It's also drilled for a clutch drive or pump. Homemade backing plate and the output side of the crank shaft have been shortened a bit.... not bad for $10.00. It should work out.....



You can get parts for that Wico XH magneto without too much trouble. I have several XH2523s on my AGNDs. They are a good hot magneto. I am not sure how you ended up with two engines with the same gear problems. Someone doesn't want you running Wisconsin engines anymore! Short of a bolt or a governor flyweight wedging themselves between the crankcase gears, I cannot see how those substantial gears have stripped out on you again and again. Did someone overrun the governor on your engine? I see part of the compression release behind the magneto in the first picture. I have never seen them fail before. Id think you HAD to have overrun the governor for that to fail. Even if you intentionally snug the magneto up too tight, youd feel an unusual resistance when hand cranking the engine over. These engines were built to be loaded down, and shockloaded day in and day out. I work my AGNDs hard and have never put any gear wear on them. Something is definitely not right with your last two AGNDs. Maybe you need an earlier AGND that does not have a compression release mechanism on the cam, and some safety wire holding the governor position in the correct location!


Angus II

Hello, Good morning guys.
Chris / K-Tron, nice of you to reply. Where do you source these Wico mag parts from? I haven't tried giving Tim at RCC a call yet. And yes, very odd that the internals on the one engine have given out twice now. So, that engine is now a big red boat anchor too me. I'll use the newer too me engine. I just need a good magneto or a distributor setup for it. The wood splitter is siting under 7 feet of snow, so I can't try that magneto... to see if this newer engine will run.
And Mr. Heins, thank you for the inquiry on what I need. Back in my post "Wisconsin AGND parts needed" on page one, post #10; you show an AGND engine that has the distributor system(not a magneto) on it. Do you still have that setup?? I got the cam and crank gear parts from that engine. If you happen to still have that distributor setup, I would be interested in it.
It was nice of you two to reply to the post, thank you. Where are Edward M. and Zira??? I thought they would have chimed in on this one.... heck, it's only been a day....
Well, if anyone has a lead on a magneto or a distributor setup for an AGN or AGND engine, please let me know. Today's chore will be to clean out the newer engine. And, wait for more snow to fall... It's been a big winter...Thanks guys.