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A Model of a New Kind of Horsepower


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Hi, this is Mike from PAMA - the Paulson Ag Museum of Argyle.
When I met Warren Paulson back in August 2012, I knew every time I visit that place I'd find something new.
I'm over there, on average, once a week or more these days, and sure enough, I keep finding new stuff.

Several months ago, I saw something on a shelf in a glass case, but we didn't have the key to the case. I figured we'd find the keys eventually.

We found the key. I got this thingamajig out today and took some pictures of it.
Has anyone seen anything like it?

It looks like someone's working model for something; I just don't know if it was ever built.
I think I can see the value of it - you leave this artifact standing in the field over the well or cistern - the animal pumps his own water. I think it might work for horses or cattle.

What do you all think?

I have a little video of it also - I don't know how to upload those to smokstak

I just realized there is nothing in these pictures to establish scale - it's about 8 inches tall and 8 or 9 inches in diameter.



Re: A model of a new kind of horsepower

Many many years ago patent applications would typically require a working model, could this be one?

I have heard that no model is required nowadays unless the patent application is for a perpetual motion machine.


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Re: A model of a new kind of horsepower

LOL - I have heard that too
- and I think this might be one of those.
But I've never seen such a machine.

Leonardo Da Vinci, I THINK, got patents on stuff he never built, right?
Or maybe he just drew pictures.

Just because someone built a model doesn't mean it was ever a thing, right?

The first time I saw it, I thought it could be a patent model.
but I don't really know anything about patents or patent models.
I don't think this is a perpetual motion machine, because it would take horsepower or cowpower to make it work.

It looks like a clever contraption, though, doesn't it?