ABC Double A Electric Washer 1925 - Advice Needed, Please.


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I was hoping someone on these boards could give me some advice regarding a washer that my Dad is looking to sell or donate. He has a 1925 ABC Double A Electric Washer by Altorfer Bros. Company. The most amazing part to still works! It is in great condition (but this is coming from a complete novice like me). I'm wondering if someone could give me some advice on a) is there a market out there for something like this? b) what would be the best way to sell it? or c) is there a place I could donate this if he's unable to sell it? It is in such good condition, and so unusual, that I'd hate to see it just get thrown away. Many, many thanks for any advice you can offer!

(PS I have pictures and video if that helps. The machine is currently located in the NYC area.) Thanks!

Andrew Mackey

Have a picture? I might be interestedinr it for my engine club - we have a few early washing machines (including an Easy that was the world's first spin dry machine).