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Acme Steam from Titusville Iron Works (PA)


Found in large rotting away wooden box a couple years ago is a brass salesman sample ACME stationary steam engine (reversible) along with a boiler and rotted down wooden parts, once part of a display created for the Sesquicentennial exposition in Philadelphia in 1926 . I can trace the engine to around the early 1880's. The engine is highly detailed and is adjustable for wear and was obviously made by a professional displaying the finest of detail and workmanship. I made a small diorama showing what the first oil field site might have looked like. This engine is a miniature of the full sized "ACME" engine made in Titusville, Pa. in the 1880's by the Titusville Iron Works. Only one of the full sized engines remain, to my knowledge, and is shown in a utube video. My model I think was the only one ever made. It weighs about 8 lbs and runs on 6-7 p.s.i. of air. Original boiler is also now working but using air is much simpler. Col Drake who drilled the first commercial oil well in 1859 at Titusville used an Ajax steam engiine made in Corry, Pa. Drake sold the well later after a few years and the new buyer bought an ACME engine from the Titusville Iron Works as it could drill deeper into the "3rd sand" as it had more horsepower. If interested in a video I'll try to send you one to your personal email address, my email address is pithole@zoominternet.net


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Dustin D Ehli

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Re: Acme steam from Titusville Iron Works (Pa)

Absolutely awesome model and display.
I might steal the idea and make one of my models into a pumping lease display.

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I think by modifying a hand crank mixer I could make a central pumping power and build a display around that.
Thanks for the idea


Re: Acme steam from Titusville Iron Works (Pa)

An "engine only" is interesting, but putting that engine into a display of what it might have been used for really ups the interest ten fold. I have almost 200 hours making everything you saw from pliers to storage tank.


Re: Acme steam from Titusville Iron Works (Pa)

I think if I am not mistaken that there is an ACME model steam engine in the Drake Well Museum in Titusville. I thought I saw one 2 years ago when I went through the museum. Its only 30min from me so I will have to check.