Add Gear Reducer to Briggs Engine?


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I've been window shopping for another reel mower project and I came across an Eclipse Speedway with the original sulky. It's rusty and needs some TLC, but the biggest issue I've seen so far is that the engine is missing. The missing engine (and an hour drive each way - during the week) has kept me from going to look at it yet.

From what I've seen it should have a Briggs 14R6 on it. Those engines don't come up very often in central NC. I have found a Briggs model 14 for sale, and a separate, complete gear reduction kit on ebay. It's not very clear from the parts manual, but it looks like I can remove the crankshaft bearing housing on the engine, and install the gear reduction housing in its place. Is this something that is readily doable, or should I keep looking for a 14R6?



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We would need to see what this kit actually is. A B & S gear reduction engine uses a different crankshaft with the gear cut into the shaft. I won't pass judgment until I see this kit, but I think you would be better off with original.


If you can find a Locke mower made from 1948-64 they used the 14R6 on many of them. Trouble is the Model 14 is very popular with vintage garden tractor restorers and valuable even as parts. An NOS connecting rod is worth gold. I have a 1956 Locke 25" mower with a Model 14R6 on it I cut with. Very common machine around here as far as Lockes went.


have a 8r6 2.5 H.P which is a 6 to 1 reduction on my 1953 bolens super power ho walk behind a 8r6 would most likely work for you?...


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You would need to get a different crankshaft, one with the gear on the end. Also he says it is for a model 14, 8 HP, and removed from a 200451 engine. A model 14 is 5.75hp, so if this interchanges I don't know. I would look for a complete engine.
While you guys are talking about Briggs gear reduction engines, I have a fresh rebuilt Briggs 130230 5hp for sale in south Georgia, I feel it is like new, contact if interested.


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Thanks everyone! You all have made my mind up for me to go look for a complete engine. I'm going this Saturday to look at the mower and I'll have an update with how that trip goes once I'm back.


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Thanks for all of your help everyone. I went to look at the mower yesterday and saying it was a basket case is being polite.

To sum it up:
-no engine (knew this already)
-all five wheels needed the bead seats replaced
-the handbar had rusted through on the left side and it was broken above that
-the other side of the handbar had been broken, welded back, and broken again.
-it had been sandblasted a few years ago and none of the bearings were covered for that
-one of the reel blades had a significantly rusted section and would have to be replaced to be usable.

The seller wouldnt' come off his asking price by very much and I wasn't going to insult him by making what I felt was a reasonable offer. For someone else, it will be a nice piece of yard art, but it was more than I felt like working with right now.