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Air Chamber Question

Doug Kimball

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I see most photos/illustrations show chambers on both the suction & discharge sides on the pump. I understand why it is desirable on the discharge side(smoothe out flow & reduce pulsations) but don't understand its function on the suction side.

Andrew Mackey

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The air chamber on the suction side also reduced the possibility of water hammer, especially on shallow wells and booster type pumps. The chamber absorbed pulses from the pump pistins, which meant less wear on the valves and wear on the connecting rods. The air chamber on the outlet was for equalization of the pulses and to act as a reservoir for pressure the pump put out. You dont see many pumps with air chambers on the inlet, usually on higher end, better made pumps, or those with high volume. Early on in pump technology, it was thought nescessary. Later in production, most makers eliminated them. Some pumps with inlet chambers: Goulds, Kewanee, Rider Erricson, Rider pump Co, and more