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Well I don't have a harbor freight job, but I did buy a compressor from Lowe's that has a Chinese 3 cylinder single stage compressor end that was made in China (I tried to buy something better but in Nevada thats tough), so far its still running after 2 years of use, alot of it being sandblasting. Its using some oil, cycles alot, and could not hold a candle to my 2 cyl-2 stage Quincy.


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I was in the market for a larger new vert electrical driven, while looking I found out some interesting things. These are pasted below. From a number of posts on another forum!

Since, Air compressors have come up lately on this forum. and I was thinking of getting an electric motor driven one to replace the gas driven portable I have.
While at Horrible Fright They have a 5 HP, 60 Gallon, 165 PSI Two Stage Air Compressor
* Air delivery: 13.5 CFM @ 165 PSI, 15.8 CFM @ 90 PSI, 16.4 CFM @ 40 PSI
* Cast-iron cylinders and stainless steel valves
* Automatic start/stop
* ASME tank with safety valve
* No mag starter required

230 volts, 22 amp, Single phase; Overall dimensions: 36" L x 24" Diameter x 69" H
Shipping weight: 243 lbs.

No country of origin on it. On the label, there was a Mfg.code and a phone number for compressor support.
I called it this morning. The parent company is called Atlas Copco and is a large multi national company. The compressor is made in Rock Hill South Carolina. So H F sells America made compressors

The compressors Item#93274 $849.99(4/23/09)

They have a larger one 7.5 HP, 80 Gallon, 175 PSI Air Compressor
21.5 CFM @ 175 PSI

* Belt-driven two-stage compressor
* ASME tank with safety valve
* Cast-iron cylinder
* Stainless steel valves
* Automatic stop/start controls
* Two year warranty

230 volts, 29 amp Baldor motor, single phase; Air delivery: 26.8 CFM @ 40 PSI, 26.0 CFM @ 90 PSI, 24.2 CFM @ 100 PSI, 21.5 CFM @ 175 PSI; Oil lubrication; Overall dimensions: 36'' L x 24'' D x 69'' H
Shipping weight: 479 lbs.

ITEM 90836-5VGA


They look like a number of other rebranded compressors at other venues for sales at higher prices.
I would like to correct my grievous error! It is an American assembled compressor.
Since I got jumped on about the made in USA on another forum.
I called them back and asked were the parts were made.
The tank is made in Virginia
The Motors are A.O. Smith or Baldor depending on size
The pressure controls are From a US company.
The mag stater on the larger one is Square D
The pump is made by there parent company in Italy
They screws nuts and other items maybe from various countries of origins.
I will say that the support by phone, even with the questions was great and the warranty looks to be better than most as they just bought a distribution company Rock hill to support their compressors and other equipment they sell under rebranded names.
They also build heavy duty equipment for mining and construction and industry.
If you are talking about the one on sale now. It is assembled in Rock hill SC. By the atlas copco company. They are from Italy and one of the largest mining and construction compressor makers.
The tanks are asme stamped made by Manchester tank company here in the USA. As are most of the others that are assembled
I believe that you are wrong on the warranty its two years for home owners use or 90 days for contractor or rental. I believe that the extended warranty is for repaired on site.
Check the instruction booklet down load on the web site. that what it says in the pages.
Here is the 800 number for the parts warranty in Rock Hill SC. 1-866-869-3114

They also make 7 other brands at the same sight.

BY the way Husk Pro, some Campbell Hausfields and Kobalt are assemble in the same plant here in the states. They all all have the same parts warranty 800 number. 1-800-543-6400

Ingersoll Rand @ Tractor supply are also made in the USA thier 800 number parts warranty is 1-800-AIR-SERV

Pumps, motors, and hardware and electrical controls and assorted parts. Can be made in any country, Mexico, China,US,Italy, or other. All the ASME tanks are made in the USA and carry the stamp.
The motors and other parts change the country of origin with each shipment.
Here is a PDF download on assorted compressors

How to choose a compressor The Rolls Royce of compressors.

Great information on picking the correct compressor.

80 Gallon 2-Stage air Compressor 5 hp, from Tractor Supply

This one as it is on sale for $999.99 They seem to have reduced the price to this for now. Tractor supply compressor

After looking at all the ones that are available for what seems a reasonable price for output vs the cost for the home shop/hobbyist/light shop duty. this is the one I bought at the end of the year. Families medical conditions/appointments and weather has keep me from hooking it up yet.

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I bought a HF 5HP 220v single phase, single stage 135psig 60 gallon vertical tank one :confused: three years ago to replace a smaller craftsman one I had for 20+ years. This one has more pressure, a lot more volume, quick recovery (a bit of sand blasting), and no problems :D at all. It does what I need it to do and was only $359 (CHEAP) on sale at the time. If it goes on the fritz, I'de buy another one :brows: the next day 10 minutes down the road (much to close :p ).


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I have a friend who has a HF 5 hp. compressor, does a lot of sandblasting, and is happy with it. Ed

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I called harber and the 7.5 HP 80 gallon model they no longer sell at stores and only on line. On there web site I found factory reconditioned, factory perfect with two year warranty. Thats how they word it and the price is half at 675.00. I'm going to try that and see how it works out.


Sounds like PTSideshow really did his homework there..... Thanks for sharing it with us.

Bought my 5hp 60 gallon upright at the local Farm & Fleet in Freeport back in the early 1980s, and still using it, but had to make a few repairs on it shrotly after getting it due to poor assembly. Check valve between the compressor & tank was in backwards, so instead of draining the line so the compressor wasn't starting against tank pressure, it was held wide open all the time while it was running and when ever I used the DA sander or Airfile sander I always had to stop and let it catch up a little. Turned the valve around the right way and it would actually cycle on & off without me having to stop sanding.

Always had a noisy vibration to it too which I finally found out what was causing it when the motor ripped itself apart tearing the mounting bracket loose taking a big chunk of the motor housing with it. Found out the vibration was caused by a sloppy fit between the motor shaft and the big flywheel/pulley which ended up somewhat eggshaped when everything let go.

New motor would have been in the $300.00 range, so I spent the $300.00 on a wire feed welder and put the motor back together with it and then as an added safety I wrapped a metal strap over it and tied it down with a couple eye-bolts. Bored out the pulley, made a bushing to fit and been using it trouble free for 23 years since then.

While I try to avoid Chinese Castings that have a tendancy to break easily, it doesn't really matter where the parts are machined or assembled as they can all have good ones and bad ones. There'd be no need for Factory Recalls all the time if people didn't make mistakes in the machine shops and on the assembly lines.


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If nothing else pull the dipstick and check inside for metal, before you buy. I service equiment that sources their parts from Dayton. Apparently just a couple of years agao they were USA built, new ones are now all china made. When you pull the dipstick and run your finger inside, it comes out bright metallic grey from the metal sludge left from the factory.


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If nothing else pull the dipstick and check inside for metal, before you buy. I service equiment that sources their parts from Dayton. Apparently just a couple of years agao they were USA built, new ones are now all china made. When you pull the dipstick and run your finger inside, it comes out bright metallic grey from the metal sludge left from the factory.

Ahh! That is how they get rid of their sludge! From some of the ships that come over here I always thought they emptied the bilges in the BAYS!!!


The horsepower rating on these compressirs is decieving. 1 hp = 700 watts. They speed these compressors up to get the output. Compare these to a quality commercial compressor. They are ok for the occaisional use but for everyday heavy use it would be wiser to invest in a better quality compressor. Read the warranty. Void for commercial use.


I bought a Campbell Hausfield compressor from Tractor Supply in '95. I primarily bought it because it was a big compressor (I wanted to do some sandblasting with it) and was on sale. A big plus was that the Campbell Hausfield plant where it was made is about 25 miles from me, so I knew some of the folks that made it. I can't remember what the CFM on the compressor is but its a lot. I can crack the 1/4 inch line coming out of it wide open and it will pump back up to 175 lbs and kick off. Its great for sandblasting.

In '97 a tornado hit my place and damaged the compressor. It broke the fittings on the compressor and damaged the line that has the cooling fins on it. I thought I'd give it a try and called the plant. By chance the person that answered the phone was the plant manager (I didn't know this at the time). I told him what had happened and he said he had read about the damage to my area from the tornado. He asked for the make and SN on the compressor and I gave it to him. He then asked me if I knew a gent who lived about 4 miles from me. I told him yes, I knew him well. He said "I'll send these parts home with him tonight and you can pick them up from him, you're welcome to them". That evening I went to his house and he had everything I needed. He told me that I happened to catch the plant manager on the phone call. I got lucky.

The compressor still works perfect today. The oil always stays milky in it, due to condensation and the high humidity we have. I can change the oil and after it cycles 3 or 4 times its milky again. But, that doesn't seem to be a problem. I change it every year.

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See post #4 about my 2008 HF 5HP 220v single phase, single stage 135psig 60 gallon vertical tank compressor that is still running strong. I don't see it available any more, just like a lot of good things that get discontinued :shrug: . Sure helps me :uhoh: have "FUN", even in NJ on the way through :brows: .


I always try to buy everything "old", as the quality is unmatched.

But, IF I were to consider a new compressor there are a couple of things right off the bat that I would look for.

First of all, the motor needs to actually have a HP rating on a nameplate, and it should be a standard hp. 1, 1-1/2, 2, 3, 5, 7-1/2, 10, 15, etc. I want to see a standard service factor of 1.15 too. And it needs to be four pole, ie 1725 - 1750 rpm. Sure, a tiny pulley can be used on a two pole motor, but it's bad engineering practice. Tight bend in the belt, and a small contact length. So basically we're looking for a real motor, not some POS.

I would only buy a two stage, as the efficiency is considerably better, even if only run at 120 lbs. And I want the pump speed to be nice and conservative. Definitely under 1000 rpm, and half that would be great. And definitely cast iron. And no crappy plastic shrouds and guards. Sheet metal please.

A 200 lb ASME tank with the nameplate welded on that indicates where in the USA it was made. Bigger is definitely better too.

It's nice to have a 175 psi compressor, and run it considerably lower, closer to utilization pressure at cut in. This is dramatically more efficient, and the pump and motor will last dramatically longer as well. Especially modern ones! Having the larger tank helps to compensate for the lower tank pressure.

Oh, and my favorite nickname for that particular place is Hazard Fraught Tools. :D Somewhere on the internet there is a great spoof ad sporting that name.