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Air compressor?


After my uncle passed away, we went through his workshop and found this piece of machinery. Need assistance on finding out what this is and what it was used for. Could not locate a manufacturer or info plate. The base is very heavy. Looks like there is one air line fitting on the top, leading us to believe this was used to compress air. Also interested in time period this was made. Thanks in advance for your help! :)


Mike McKnight

That's an Orr & Sembower steam engine. Don't know the current value on them, but looks like a fairly nicely restored & maintained one. The smaller the bottle frame engine (Which is what that style is called) the more desirable and expensive they are. About how tall is it? I've got a real tiny one, bore and stroke is about 3" x 4". Yours looks a fair bit bigger, but still worth some!

Mike M

Travis McCoy

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It's almost identical to the PM research vertical kit I built two winters ago. Beautiful little engine. The kit engine is based off a full size Orr & Sembower if I recall correctly.

Oil it up and hook it up to 20 psi of air and see if she runs!



Appreciate your response on identification of this equipment. Most helpful. This unit stands about 5 feet tall. Just curious, could you give a ballpark guess on value? Helpful for insurance purpose. Thanks again, Ken

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Thanks for the name of the equipment manufacturer. Looks as if this is not an air compressor, but uses compressed air to operate in place of steam?
Thanks again, Ken