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Alexander New York Steam show no thanks



that time of year again for the Alexander NY Steam Show. Will I be going......??? ....NO.
I use to spend the week there and over $200 to the club. I'd help where I could and expected nothing in return. I'm not the only one. Plenty of others that have had it with this organization or actually it's leadership.
It's really too bad that these people in charge have this attitude of ''it's their world''. That they use this organization as their own property and piggy bank.
So far I believe it's now five people that are/were in this ''click'', have been caught stealing money from the club. Actual people in charge of their areas at the meet. Kind of odd that we never hear of any police involvement. Were they ever charged? They obviously were caught because you don't see them returning to the meet. Was the money ever recovered? Lots of money coming in but just where has it gone to? Looks more like lets keep this hidden from the public, because it's none of their business. I quietly brought it to their attention at the meeting.They brushed it off and I was actually told to leave it be. Maybe the State needs to take a better look at this organization.
This limited group likes to tell the rest of the membership to not use the grounds for anything, yet how they keep their personal items there. Again do as we say and not as we do.
or how they bully vendors into giving up services for their benefit.
Constantly pissing off people that come to display.
The childish attitudes of the security. Give someone a job title and watch their heads explode.
Not worth the money for dealing with this arrogant group.

Plenty of other options out there. When this group runs this show into the ground and leaves, then hopefully we can get a real leadership to head this up.

your not getting anymore of my hard earned money.

Brothers Clemens

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Re: Alexander NY Steam show no thanks


Do not know this show.:shrug:

It looks not an very pleasand and happy time you had there.
Think it’s sad when these things happen.
Know what it is because it happend to us also one time in the past with an show overhere.

In august 2014 there is an very good show here is Holland in Bergeijk.
Come over and i will promist you that you can drive with us on the Rumely or the Hart parr for an while.

Sure you will forget all that messing arround



Re: Alexander NY Steam show no thanks

Sounds like your group is doing a lot of illegal things, stuff that gets you squashed by the IRS.

I can't speak for your state's laws, but in Arkansas the nonprofit laws say ANY member may examine ALL records at ANY reasonable time for ANY reasonable reason. Elsewhere member is defined as anyone who gets a serialized membership card.

We need to start a club for people who like to run a club. They can come in and pass bylaws and run books and form cliques, all without the pesky engines or whatever clubs tend to get formed around.


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Re: Alexander NY Steam show no thanks

You are not alone......$$$ is always tempting to grap.....but how about the membership email and mailing list so you can start your own club with a very similar name??? Been there and still trying to get rid of the bad reputation caused for the original club.