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Alexandern Steam Show, 9,7-9 Tractors


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Photobucket finally went all the way and made themselves useless as an image host. Might want to rehost that image elsewhere.


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This year's show was in the news as well.


I had fun aboard one of the steamers, and will plan on being back again next year.

Not actually sure what happened with the pulling sled the one night. Had the big frick on the sled that pulls the big Mack cabs. We got 2/3rds of the way down the track with it, engine just starting to talk everything looking great. RPM starts to drop, throttle was already wide open, it went two revolutions further and stalled. Didn't wheelslip, not much stack talk, and plenty of steam. No clue what happened there, I've never seen that engine stall under load let alone go down without a fight.

The following night we did much better. That sled painted 'steamer staller' gave the engine a workout, though we full pulled it anyway it loaded right up on the governor and made some noise. I'm told it was configured for 6500lb class gas tractors when the steamer pulled it.


Good show as always! hope everyone else had a great time too.
Grounds are always kept clean and the show is very organized.

Even got our annual rain storm in as well :bonk::D
Loved your display of old Bolens stuff - especially the 800! (One of my grandsons has one just like it, running but unrestored...)

Incidentally that was me loading the old Minnie-Mo onto the trailer next to yours late Sunday afternoon.

cant wait till next year!
Me too!!