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Allis-Chalmers circuit breaker


Tractors aren't the only thing they made - I've come across some utility circuit breakers, voltage regulators, and transformers (substation and pole-mount) that they manufactured over the years.


When I first bought my Allis Chalmers model B tractor years ago, I also bought what I thought would be a history book of their tractors. I was wrong...dead wrong.

A-C was a monster corporation that made everything from sawmills to electrical motors and switch gear. All terrain vehicles, refrigerators, hydrogen fuel cell tractors (back in the fifties!), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), pumps, nuclear reactor components, mining equipment and on and on...the list is almost endless.

They had the only foundry in the U.S. capable of making the huge gas blowing engines required by the steel industry. The pictures of these castings are stunning.....looks like two buses joined together with a man standing next to them to set the scale........and that was just the base casting!

This book has a picture of a mining ball roller mill built by Allis. Basically a huge cylinder, it was shipped in ONE PIECE on three individual railroad flatcars. No one else wanted to build it. Allis did.

In the eighties, A-C was absorbed by Duetz I believe and another American manufacturing giant fell by the wayside.

The diamond emblem on that circuit breaker cabinet is the "old" style. The newer corporate emblem was triangular stylized one, so that cabinet is a genuine aunty-kew! :)

Larry Rusch

Have you ever heard of "Big Allis"? My memory is not so good but I believe it was the first 1000 megawatt generator in the US installed in the Ravenswood facility which sent power to NYC.


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I grew up in Queens and know that Con Ed plant well. Funny, we always called it big Alice, and I never knew why.