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Allis Chalmers I.B.



Hey, Its me again. This time im sixteen I had my birthday on january 21!!!! Any-ways, the reason that I have come to bother you all is because: I have aquried a Allis Chalmers IB. At first I thought that it was a heavy set B that the department of highways had messed up real bad. Like with the huge frame around front and the wierd axle, I thought that they had made that all! But it is a IB. I looked in many books and on the net, but have noticed that there arn't really any out there. I know mine is an IB because a man at one of the meets that I go to used to have one there. Are these tracters really rare? And can I still get those real wierd tires and other parts??




Yes Aaron, your IB IS is a rare find. Parts are nearly non-existent, especially steering parts, and this model has a LOUSY steering box--it's weak and turns about 3/4 lock to lock. Your best bet is to give Mr. Allis Chalmers (Larry Swenson) a call @ 507-787-2338 or email him @ (I think this is correct address) lswenson@bevcom.net. Larry has probably dealt more AC than anyone. Good luck with your rare find!


I used to think they were fairly common around here then i realized the same tractor was comeing to every show i went to. I do know 3 people who have them.

Bill Klein

Check out the forum on allischalmers.com You will get a lot of worthwhile responses to your question if you post it there. Welcome to the Orange !!!