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Amberg cooling system for heating


0059-50xx.jpg "Amberg cooling system for heating". Sounds crazy, isn't it?
In fact, the pipe system which cools down the socket of the displacer cylinder is part of a heating system for the vaporiser (carburetor).
Shown on the attachment is a complete Amberg gas plant. The engine (4) is only a part of it. Note the firebox (1) and its vaulted top section (2) which acts as a pre-heater. The vaporiser is the big drum-shaped tank in the back (3).
Air gas is made by vaporising a special sort of gasoline. When it is vaporised it cools down the surrounding area thus reducing the vaporising effect. A water-jacket with WARM water is encircling the carburetor to avoid this. During the vaporising process this water becomes cold. Led to the water-jacket of the engine it cools down the displacer socket (important to increase the temperature difference and enhance the engine's efficiency). The water, slightly warmed up by the engine, is conducted to the pre-heater upon the firebox. Heated up again, it is led to the water-jacket of the carburetor. Where the water cycle starts again.
That's why cooling the Amberg engine is part of a heating system.


Since yesterday, I am a member of your community. I'm glad I found you.

Thanks for this theme. At the moment I'm interested just that.
Accidentally in the attic of an old house I found this machine.

I want to make it work.
What fuel work - alcohol or gas lighting.
If you have any information, you will be grateful for your help.
P.S. Since I do not know English well may seem strangely what I write.
I think this is not a problem of communication.

Brent Rowell

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Hello Venelin and welcome to Smokstak. I have restored an Amberg engine like this to good running condition which you can see here:


If you watch the whole video you can clearly see the burner which I made myself and which uses propane gas. Send me an email and I can send you more detailed photos of the burner or other parts. Click on my name at the top of this message to see the email option. Good luck with your restoration.