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Amberg Gasmaschinenfabrik - Stirling Engine

Brent Rowell

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Re: Amberg Gasmaschinenfabrik - stirling engine

I sent you an email regarding exactly which piece you need to measure. Did you receive it?


Hi Davide,
checking my upgraded homepage www.stirlingmaier.com you will find out that the button "booklets" doesn't exist any longer. Because the booklets are almost sold out. As is the "Amberg" booklet. But the whole report is still
existing, of course. It will be published in improved and extended form in (digital) volume "compendium 10" scheduled for 2021. Including all images as big-size pictures and in full color. Perfect for restoring an engine to former original paint.
If you cannot wait till "comp-10" is available - at the moment I'm finishing
"comp-07B", the comprehensive report about Hubertus Raab and his hot-air engines - just send an email: hot-air-maier@t-online.de.
Good luck in restoring. Gerd


Thanks so much about the given information. I was very busy the past 2 months traveling, so i was unable to reply. Thanks so much again, i'm expecting results soon. I'll post and update with some photos when im done.