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I ran across this on ebay and I am shocked beyond belief. I left him a message suggesting he dscontinue this practice. All of his items are displayed this way.

What the hell is he thinking. I am at a loss for words.


Ebay seller "vintageitems317"

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This was his response "As i told another person who is just like you, I think that my finger that is over in afganastan and the metal embedded in my leg and the purple heart in my desk drawer give me the right to show my american spirit in what ever way i want, I bought this flag and 3 others at the local harware store. So i think im entitled to do what ever i want with my flags."

I replied "Yes you can do what ever you want but don't mistake this for having american spirit or you wouldn't be doing it. I appreciate your service and will not bother you again nor buy your stuff. All it would take is a piece of plexiglass."

He replied "Ya i know you wont be buying my items you have been blocked"

So....I highly doubt his story is true. I just can't see any vet doing this to a flag.

Andrew Mackey

I thought that desecration of the flag is illegal. Who do you turn this idiot in to to see that this is removed from EBay? It should not be in public display. If my son, who is a Navy Medic, saw this, he would probably beat the he** out of him on sight. If the guy was a vet, he should be stripped of his medal, and have some more metal installed in his other leg. NO RESPECT:rant: I left a comment on EBay feedback page, but it wouldn't allow me to post the item #.

"Sirs, I find, as well as many others, find that a certain individual is placing photos of a filthy American flag, with dirty items for sale on it, in EBay for sale section. It is disrespectful and deplorable to have this displayed on the web. Do you monitor what is being placed on your site?"

i can remember when you raised or lowered the flag, NO part of it ever touched the ground. Now, seems it's ok to use it as a grease rag. Think our country's in trouble? skip


Thanks for the heads up, I don't like and will see what
E-bay Forums's think of it, and what E-bay will do with
this Obama wannabe!


...I replied "Yes you can do what ever you want but don't mistake this for having american spirit or you wouldn't be doing it. I appreciate your service and will not bother you again nor buy your stuff. All it would take is a piece of plexiglass."...
Looks like he took your advice there, as his reply to someone's question was that he would be using a piece of plexiglass in the future listings.

Assuming that eBay allows "Freedom of Speech" & "Freedom of Expression", I don't know if they would do anything just because of a few complaints or not, so my suggestion would be....

If you want the guy gone, or at least forced to change his listing habits, the most effective way would be to buy his stuff and leave him negative feedback and zero stars on his feedback which would restrict his selling, and/or eventually get him banned from selling.

Of course he would also have the mailing address of everyone that did that to him, so I guess the choice is your's, if you want to stand up to him, or ignore him. Complaining about him on here gets the word out to upwards of 50,000 people world wide, but there are Millions & Millions of people in this country alone on eBay.

Seems to me there used to be quite a few American Flags cut up in the 1960s & 70s to make vests, pants, jackets, scarves, etc., by people that thought they were being patriotic by wearing the flag.:shrug: As I recall, it was their right to do so then... Don't see it so much anymore, but it was a common sight for many years.


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this is his second user id. i reported it to ebay as obscene. he also added to some of his items descriptions the rant noted above. i would not buy from him, i'd lean on ebay more.


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It is my humble opinion that no true American Patriot would desecrate our symbol of freedom as this person has done. Anger for being injured in a war is expected. What is not expected or accepted is the disrespect that one has for our Flag and all it stands for. I have written his name down and when I am looking in the future for items I will shy away from his listing be they on plexiglass over our Flag or on cardboard over our Flag. That is not a doormat or a rag to be used for resting any item on. I saw no need to bother him due to his attitude, so I will instead just never buy from a person who claims to be a veteran of our great country and would desicrate our Flag. God Bless America. " I Pledge......!


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disrespectful. i agree. whether or not he is a vet. if he is he really needs to get a clue, oviously he signed up for it and he is still alive. so in my opinion he she be glad of that, as some are not as furtunate. maybe he suffers from post draumatic stress, which is understandable in which they have treatment for after return. just does not add up why any vet would disrespect the flag like that! my two cents

Pat Barrett

If he did that at an engine swap meet, I'd have been one to offer to help with a blanket party. A military term I will not explain. He needs his "Tush" stomped. Or as Hank Williams Jr.'s song states "An Attitude Adjustment" (It'l work every time)


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I do not believe it is illegal to do what he is doing to the flag. I assume he is not doing it in protest against America but he really has no clue. Most countries he would be in prison for doing what he has done.
BUT because we live in America you can do this with out criminal prosecution and that is EXACTLY why you should not.

I am glad to see so many of you spoke up.

God Bless America

ZIM - (The proud father of 2 Eagle Scouts that know how to treat an American flag)


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I see all the auctions he had using the flag have ended. Maybe we count on this one. I thank him for maybe rethinking the issue. Ebay could've ended them without his change of heart.