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Ancient DJB: Should E1/E2 be in continuity with T2?

Joe Stewart

OK, Mid sixties DJB magneciter. The data plate is missing so I don't have spec #. I believe its a 110v/220v machine. Motor runs great but I get only 10volts at outlets at 1800rpm with no load. Tried to flash it with 12volt car battery but this had absolutely no effect on voltage at the outlets. Took a few resistence measurements and I found that the E1 wire is in continuity with the iron core of the stator (same ohm measurement as if I touched both test probes together). Same with E2 to the iron core. E1 and E2 were also in continuity with the cast iron housing of the generator. I disassembled the generator section and cleaned a bunch of mud dobber nests out of the generator section nearest the engine. When I disconnected all the wires from the stator and got it out on the floor of my garage, I noticed that there are five wires coming out of the generator section nearest the engine:
T1-connects to outlets (a hot wire)
T2-connects to grounding stud in control box
T3-also connects to grounding stud in control box
T4-connects to outlets (a hot wire)
Another wire that goes to the top of that big ceramic resistor that sits in the air outlet on side of generator- didn't get the wire designation.

Took a few resistence measurements and found that the E1 (or E2) wire is in complete continuity with that T2 wire (same ohm measurement as if you touched both test probes together). This suggests that my stator coil is connected to ground when unit is assembled - this cannot be right. My question is: Does this indicate that my stator is bad? Any suggestions as to what could be wrong? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this machine? I'd love to see one. Thanks for all suggestions. Joe Stewart

Billy J Shafer

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Joe I should have you something today.My mag book only shows the connections for the mag unit.I cannot find my wiring book for the stator of a mag unit.Will look in the master files at work today.