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Antique pill/tablet press


So I bought this a couple months ago and can find no info on it. Missing arm that moves the funnel and the dies.

Anybody know of a forum or a club that deals in pharmacy items?


I can't help with your request, but it did jog a memory for me.....

I cast and reload my own ammunition. I spotted what was described as an "antique bullet mold" on ebay some years back. I looked carefully at the photos and realized it was a pharmaceutical item.

A suppository mold.............. :O


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Wow, a hand operated compacting/tablet press!

I worked in the compacted/sintered powdered metal industry for 27 years. We had some smaller old presses made by Stokes that were also used in the pharmaceutical industry for pressing pills. Everything we worked with had a motor to run it though.

Die and punches probably varied depending on tablet size required.

Is there a brand name cast in this unit anywhere?

I do have a working knowledge of the functions of this type of machine. If you would like to discuss further, shoot me a PM with phone number and we can discuss.

How big is this thing? I see a JD E in the background, what size is that for perspective?


John Deere is a 1.5 hp needs some over size rings or something (lots of blow by). 2nd engine my dad and I ever restored (30 years ago) probably has more hours idling at shows on weekends then it ever ran on the farm.

Flywheel on the press is 24". Guy from the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy thinks it is made by Colton in Detroit but i have not found any proof of that yet.

Only ID on it is a serial number.