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Sold! Antique **VERY RARE** DC Electric Motor? or Generator? - Submerged Electric Motor Co. (Menomonie, WI)


Last Subscription Date
**BEST OFFER RECEIVED** by 5 PM CDT Monday June 1st

28 MAY UPDATE: After consultation with others more knowledgeable than myself, it is possible this is a generator and not a motor. So I have updated the title of this posting to reflect that uncertainty. If anyone can clarify this for sure, please chime in.

Payment Terms - Buyer to pay within 48 hours: (1) PayPal Friends/Family, (2) Wire Transfer, or (3) PayPal w/ buyer to pay 3% surcharge on sale price.

Shipping - Due to motor size and weight we will not ship ourselves. Buyer to make shipping arrangements and motor pickup by June 30th. Buyer responsible for all shipping and insurance costs. Local pickup in Kansas City area by buyer or buyer’s agent is fine.

Other – This is not an auction. We will take the best offer received as per details above. We will not reveal any offers received to other parties or use a buyer’s offer to solicit a higher offer from someone else. We reserve the right to reject any offer we deem unsatisfactory.

Submerged Electric Motor.PNG
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