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Any coolspring deals?

Tim B

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Took a chance on the weather going to Coolsprings swap meet, well worth it sort of. Saw a couple of things,but the sellers were out browsing and when I came back on 2 different things at 2 different sites, the goodies were gone. Seemed like prices were higher than past years on parts items though. Maybe because of scrap prices or ebay, not sure. Well anyway, it was definatley well worth the 4 hour drive in the rain to get there. Everytime I go I see several things Ive never noticed before. Everyone should go at least once. I'll post some pics tomorrow I hope. So did anyone go and get a deal there, or did I just get there too late, or are you the ones that got what I wanted!

Dave Nielsen

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Re: any coolspring deals?

I had a good time down there this fall. The weather for the most part was good and i even sold a couple engines and a few parts. I was debateing on whether to go to Coolspring or head over to Jacktown. Both are nice shows and take about the same amount of time to get too for us. The desiding factor was that i bought another engine :bonk: and the fellow could deliver it to Coospring. That realy worked out well for me and allowed to pick up for parts that i needed as well. Dave