Any Lockwood Ash / Motorgo experts here


Have a 2.5hp Motorgo my dad and I restored 25 years ago. When we bought it the timer and water pump were missing (brass). At the time the only parts I could find were for a 4hp.
Curious is the muffler original?
How big should the propeller be? Pretty sure the one on it is to big.



J.B. Castagnos

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The 2 1/2 and 4HP use the same timer, shaft is longer on the 4. I had some pumps cast, my friend Bob probably has some machined and ready. Rule of thumb on the old engines was a propeller the same size as the flywheel, I believe they called for a 12X12. They are good running durable motors.


The timer fits fine.
the pump for the 2.5 hp is a 2 bolt mount where the 4 hp was a 4 bolt mount. We had to make an adapter plate.

Jim Parrott

The muffler looks correct for your engine. I would recommend supporting the muffler so it does not break the threaded pipe adaptor bolted to the engine.