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Anybody else waiting for warm weather?


Ron Weber

Hi! Anyone else waiting for that first 70 degree day to fire up the 'Ole boiler? Maybe the tropics will come to Michigan in February.

dave in PA

I am looking for the first warm day . I just got done re tubing my first boiler and had it hydro tested and ultra sounded so i am ready to go . Now all I have to do is figure out what engine I am going to run first .

Jeff Smith

I'm nice and warm. I was soaked today after putting my camper away from going to the swap meet this weekend at Florida Flywheeler park. Boy was it hot today, but it was cool on some of the days at the meet.

I am working on the timing on my Dad's model steam train and plan on running it soon. Just need to get it adjusted, and hope it doesn't rain.

Jeff Smith Florida