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Anyone Else Build Foundry Patterns


Hmmm... Frank- that looks like a switch I saw on an old electrified dumbwaiter when I worked for an elevator company... at the time it seemed novel, but after all these years, I wonder why they invested so much in that, when it would've required less resources to just make a dedicated mechanism...

Frank DeWitt

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I can only guess that back then castings were a normal way of doing thing. They probably had there own foundry and mechanical designers. Electric on the other hand was new and different and a bit scary


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I've made simple patterns through the years. I had a pattern maker tell me once "pattern making isn't all that hard, you just have to think everything in reverse"........heck, I have enough trouble thinking everything in "forward".....doing it in reverse.....no way!


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Quote, “Hey all I build founder patterns anyone else do this?”

The first wood pattern I made for an engine was for the base for an Otto & Langen atmospheric engine when I was six years old after seeing it in Wendel’s yellow book; I still have the pattern.

The pictures below show some of the patterns & stuff I made for the Type E engine, all handmade. After I found out a couple people started casting off my castings I was selling as a kid I started doing things on later designs of the engines & the castings to hopefully deter people from using my castings as a pattern again. It also made the designs of the engines kind of unique. My Type D engine has a couple deep draws & a special parting line, & the Type E engine below has a helix twist base, both without cores & core boxes for simplicity/less pieces to mess with when casting.

I'm hoping to do some patterns for a Type F this fall but time will tell.


Type E1.jpg
Type E3.jpg
Type E5.jpg
Type E7.jpg
Type E8.jpg