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Anyone ever seen a smaller post vise?


I’ve been looking for one with 3-inch or so wide jaws for my daughter’s setup for a while. She’s uses my 4 and 6 - inch vises but wants one of her own and says that smaller size would match her 80-pound Fisher Anvil. I’ve found plenty that are 4-inch and larger, but haven’t seen a smaller one except in pictures. Just wondering where I need to look for them. Nothing on eBay that size.

Pete Spaco

Re: Anyone ever seen a smaller post vise ?

"wagon post vise" and look at the pictures.

I think most of them are 4" wide or so, but they are smaller.

Pete Stanaitis

Andrew Mackey

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I sold one at the Hudson Valley Auction last year. It had 3" jaws, and was very old. The bidders went nuts over it, bidding it up to 450 before the winner walked away with it!