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Anyone going to Jacktown?


Chris Kirk

Is anyone going to the Jacktown, PA show this weekend? I'll be there on Saturday.


Bill Decker

I'll be there Saturday and most of Sunday. Going to enjoy some of them apple dumplings and ice cream. Thought about going to the auction in Montrose, Pa., but Jacktown sounds better

Frank Y

Ill be going Saturday afternoon and Sunday all day. Ill have a couple engines along. Hopefully we wont get as much rain as they say. Chris, wish i wouldve known you were going. I couldve saved you the shipping! Is there going to be a Meetin' spot. Sure would like to put some faces to names! See you all there!

Frank Y

Dave Nielsen

We should be getting down there friday afternoon to set up.This will be my first time at this show,but it sounds like a good one.I was going to take my 6hp Sparta down,but if it supposed to rain i think i may go a little lighter.How well do the grounds hold up when they get rain?Dave

Andrew Mackey

I will be going also, What I bring depends on the weather. Any body think of a meeting spot? How about the model exhibit building? Andrew

Paul Spence

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Probably Saturday morning after work . Got to pick up something from Lloyd . I'll be traveling light . No display this time around . Just to much going on . Check out the Jacktown WEB site on the link below. Paul , still trying like heck to have some fun, sometimes in NJ, at work in Pa., or just on "BREAK"-again

JACKTOWN-Bangor, Pa.