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Anyone have a manual for a Jeta MD-1585-WA 15 KW generator


Anyone have a manual for a Jeta MD-1585-WA 15 KW generator ?
Also known as Army corps of engineers stock# 6115-817-4919 ?

It has got a Herculies D198ERX8 diesel engine and a GE 5SJ4256Y2Y5 generator end.

I just picked one up. It's running fine but I am collecting more information for future repairs. I will share any info I collect to anyone else who needs it.

Thanks, Greg

Rich Mc

TM 5-6115-365-15
Depot Maintance Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List
For Generator Sets, Trailer Mounted
Lists The Set PU-402/M, FSN 6115-722-3760 as having the
Generator Set 15 KW DED, 6115-317-4919 as a component (note 317 vs your 817) and refers to DA PAM 310-4 for applicable TM.


I believe I have that same gen set and the manuals for it. However, my model number is a bit different. The model number of mine is Jetta Power MD-151815-WA. If that is the actual model number of yours, then I can help. What do you need to know? I am not interested in parting with my manuals, but I will gladly make you copies of whichever parts you need. There are three different manuals for this gen set. The best by far is the operation and maintenance manual. The manual number is USAEMC Stock Nr. 7610-C-1425. The other two manuals are Dept of the ARMY technical manuals. The numbers are TM 5-6115-261-35 and TM 5-6115-261-10. I do not know where you could locate these manuals, but there are a number of companies selling copies of the military tech manuals. Maybe you can find them through one of them.

Now for the specifics on my gen set. The generator is set up for three phase operation only. It can be re-configured to provide 120/240 single phase, but the connection panel had to be slightly modified so that certain connections can be made. I removed all of the jumper bars that are tied together and made replacements that are individually moved so I could make the connections I wanted. You could also just modify the current jumpers, but you will still have to make one bar that is slighly longer to complete one connection. The voltage regulator is a mechanical one that is in a box behind the control panel. The VR is made by REGOHM. I think they are still being made, (very expensive) but if you look around, you can find them surplus. I picked up two on ebay a couple of years ago. They are for a larger output generator, but will work fine on our machines. My gen set has about 1500 hrs on it. The gen set does not have a glow plug system. It is designed to use "ether eggs", however, if you just open the compartment the egg goes into, and give it a short spray of starting fluid, close the top and give it a couple of pumps while pressing the start button, it will start right up. I have used this method when the outside temp was below 0 degrees F and it started right up. Personally, I do not like the either system, but its what it has.

Well thats enough for one message. If you would like to talk off list, drop me a line at my personal email and I will do anything I can to help.



Dear All,
I just bought an MD-151815-WA myself.
But have an issue i cannot seem to resolve.
The generator provides rated power and engine starts well but the rpm often starts to oscillate sometimes even to stall, if it doesn’t stall it signifantly overschoot in rpm and sometimes doesn’t stabalize )

Is this a known problem and is there something to adjust @ the fuel injector pump ?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated (trying to avoid pulling off and opening the pump :s)

Cheers and much thnx !!