Anyone have pictures of Ice cream freezer set ups

Doug Wilson

I would flip flop the two pullys on your jackshaft and see what speed you have first. It will run way too fast the way it is right now . The grandkids and adults will love it . :O

Scotty 2

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Hello all
Yep, small (on engine) to big. Small (on jackshaft) to big (on ice cream dodad) otherwise you'll be making milkshakes not ice cream.
Cheers Scott


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I have been making ice cream since the late 80's with this rig I made when dairy farming. Bearings are made of oak. The shafts are water pipe with nuts welded on the ends for the pulleys. Rounded disc nuts with set screws to hold the shafts on the bearings. Pulleys are sized for a slow churn of 60 rpm on the maker, with the reduction shaft turning 225 rpm and the engine at 800 rpm. The wood maker bucket is simply wedge fitted, and tips forward in 20-minutes when the ice cream is done.

Always a favorite engine activity at any event.


Ken Karrow

Suggestion to powering any normally handccranked device, shoot for 50-60 rpm input. That is reasonably comfortable speed to handcrank.


I have 2 and use double reduction to reach 40-50 rpm on the freezer and they work well for me.

First is 1 3/4 Hp Waterloo boy with JD cast in hopper. It is turning a White Mountain 1 1/2 gallon churn

Second is a Red Wing 1/4 scale turning a Country Charm 1 qt churn.

Everybody loves ice cream and I have a no sugar added recipe (not fat free) for me and my diabetic friends



Here's one from Camillus Erie Canal Park Tow Path Day in 2013. I don't have any info on it but Jim Mackessy might.