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AOL Scammers

Andrew Mackey

Last Subscription Date
I had problems accessing my AOL mail recently, and went to what was supposed to be the AOL help line. When contact was made, The speaker on the other end sounded like he was in India, and spoke with an Indian accent. After helping me get the issue straightenned out, he told me there was a 48 dollar charge, because my computer was infected. I refused to pay, and told him I was not informed of any charges, as the AOL was a free account. OK, no problem, I was told. Yesterday, I received a call from the same fellow, saying my computer was spreading maliscious malware, and I needed to have my computer updated. I told him that my computer has been off line for months, as it had a breakdown in the hard drive. I do not use it online. Today, I tried to sign in on my AOL account, and it told me I had to re-set my password. This I did, and accessed my account. I had to sign off for a few minutes, and again, I could not sign in. I went to a page with supposed phone numbers for AOL, and called one.

Turns out it was the same outfit that had fixed the problem before. They told me my computer was infected, and they woulf 'fix it' the 48 dollar fee. My guess is that they got into my AOL account, and sabotaged it, using the info I had given them before. I told them to get lost, and called a different number, which turns out to be a direct number for AOL tech support. He told me that the password had been changed about an hour before my call, and it was not the password I had entered. I now have a new password (was told to change it again before 24 hours), and am now telling you about the bad number. I was also advised to contact AOL and tell their legal dept about this bunch of scummers, which has been done.

The outfit is named 'AOL contact support E mail', phone #1-800-406-6196. DO NOT CALL OR USE THEIR SERVICES:rant: If you do, you account will be scammed and sabatoged:rant:

Forewarned - forarmed.


Re: AOL scummers

After persevering for about 15 years with AOL I have finally given up on them. They really are the pits. Help is almost impossible to understand, and often no good anyway, and they ended up earlier this year being ridiculously expensive anyway. To add insult to injury they demanded a £280 severance fee when I told them I was leaving! I told them absolutely no way in this world, and they waived it!

To anyone thinking of going to them - DON'T! Apart from anything else the service is crap. I cant believe how much faster my broadband works now I'm away from them, and my email program comes up in seconds, while AOL used to take ages to sort itself out. And thats without the 'waol.exe' issue tying up half my processor on occasions!


Re: AOL scummers

Andrew.........that scam has been operating here in Australia for some time now and many people have been caught . If you tell them you dont have a Microsoft system but you have Apple they will ring you back in a day or two offering to fix your Apple .........at a price of course
When they ring me I ask them if they can help me with my pet elephant .....they hang up!

Ray Freeman

Re: AOL scummers

Thats a good one Peter. I will try that myself next time. A week back I had an Indian lady wanting to "fix" my computer. I told her I thought she was a crook. She said she was not a crook and I was a convict then CLICK!:D