Apple Computer Movie ( jobs )


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they need a bill gates movie, oh thats right they already did. you know the one where he has to break up his company for threatening everyone. what a piece of work he is. all ive ever owned is apple, 30 years now and no problems.
well movie review.

Started sort of like the way i expected...from the preview they must have gotten hold of personal experiences from people who worked at apple as there was information that was included that seemed alot different from what you see on youtube.

Well you hope some of those key points where true, i expect some of it was Kutcher's take on the man, some script writing.

Well one thing i found interesting was when the Apple board sacked him and kicked him out, when they wanted him back and voted him in, he then proceeded to eliminate the board members.
They Skipped over the Next computer and Pixar involvement somewhat and some of his personal financial apple details and Pixar details.
There is some detail on the Pixar website he owned it up to 2006 until disney bought him out in which time he had a huge expansion in employees.
Also they only hinted on the recovery of apple and did not note all the changes jobs made.
Just stated it at the end.
Kutcher is eerie in his resemblance to Steve Jobs.

Hope i did not give too much away and ruin it but is worth a look.