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Are there enough magnetos to go around?

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When I got the Witte (engine #1), it had the EK with it, but the front cover was missing and it was a mess. The capacitor was very leaky to the point of being shorted out. It was time to learn about how it worked and the Old-Engine Magneto Page was born.

Then came along the FMZ (engine #3) and its mag was long gone, replaced by a rigged up spark plug mounting and a kludge of a spark timer. After a long search, I found the Sumter mag and then the igniter at two different engine meets.

I think it was at that point that I decided to get only engines that were complete with the proper mag. Sad to say that some engines are worth less than the mag/igniter that's on them. I must admit that I've picked up some extra EKs as spares. You never know when you'll need one.

-- Harry


Adam Cottrill

You Want A DIXIE??? I want a FM R type

Hey lads,

Ive got a spare Dixie (working but orignal) here in Australia, im sort of thinking if anyone has a spare FM R type mag, base and gear to suit a FM ZD 1.5hp I could be willing to do a swap?

Kindest regards,


Tom Winland

I too try to keep extra mags around even if I don't have something for it to fit. I figure somewhere along the line I'll get an engine for it to fit.

Tom Winland Ohio
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