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ASECC Engine Information and Data Files


Over the years, the ASECC web site has has a rough ride. Spammers randomly took over their forum and their classifieds and ultimately, the site has been down and up many times. It is obviously completely down now as it has a new owner on Network Solutions, hell bent on making a tremendous profit at selling the domain without the contents. Our site will not do them the favor of such traffic from our thousands of forum pages that in the past give the ASECC name such honorable mention.

Observing the situation, I did (back in 2007) download the site html, text and photo files in the event that I might find the site for sale at a reasonable price. I was also in contact with the previous site owner to no avail in procuring the site and domain. I will say that these files have crossed the internet to and from many corners under unknown control. Some of which may still be under the ownership of the previous authors.

The Briggs & Stratton files, written by Bob Learned for his own web site, were downloaded and stored here at an early date, in Bob's Memory. He was a member of Smokstak. Ultimately these pages ended up on the San Jose, California club EDGE&TA http://edgeta.com/techdata.htm web page and then were subsequently moved and rewritten onto the ASECC site.

So, public domain? Who knows? Are any of the pages below in the public domain or are their owners available for comment? Where to go from here? The current 2016 dates on page 2 are because of a hard drive replacement in my computer.


Andrew Mackey

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Harry, Erv Troyer had the REO data on the ASECC site. I do not know if he is still with us but I will try and see if he still has the rights to his info.

The ASECC was a great place to get info on small engines. Too bad greedy or unscrupulous people took advantage of it. thank you for your vigilance in keeping what happened to them from happening here on the stak!

Harry, Erv Troyers website is still up. There is also a link to another REO site there too. Erv also was a member here on the Stak, but last post was in 2014. I don't know if info is public domain but it is still on his site along with the other one.