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Ashton Valve Company


Ashton Valve sanitary bubbler
At the beginning of the 20th century people refreshed themselves at public fountains and all drank from the same COMMON CUP, as it was called. Well, sickness and death soon followed and Ashton Valve soon had their line of

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Trade shows have been around for a long long time. They are still the best way to show new product, connect with ones customers, and check out your competition. Almost everyone has been to a flower show, travel show, steam shows, etc. The Ashton Valve company participated in many shows each year. And a few World Fairs too. Here is an overview of some of the shows the Ashton Valve company were part of.

First brief history of the Trade Show.

Most shows were held yearly at different cities. Below is a small list of some of the trade shows Ashton Valve attended.
Mass charitable mechanic association, Boston 1874
cincinnati Industrial expo 1881
national expo of railway appliances , chicago 1883
International maritime expo ,Boston 1889
Columbian Expo (world's fair) Chicago 1893
Paris expo, France 1900
Supply mens association convention, Boston 1902
Universal Expo (worlds fair) St. Louis 1904
National association of stationary engineers, Richmond 1904
International railway congress 1905
National engineer convention, Niagra Falls 1907
Air brake association convention 1917
International Textile expo Boston 1921
National exhibition of power and mechanical engineering, NYC 1922

The list goes on and on.... Next I'll highlight some of the shows that I was able to get pictures of Ashton Valve display booths or awards they received.Power Show  NYC  1922.jpgTrade show awards  1.jpgTrade show awards  2.jpg