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Ashton Valve Company

Lester Bowman

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Every once in awhile a guy gets really lucky :) 175 dollar's back in those day's was an incredible amount of money for this class of pump. All the fitting's on the case are bronze...not iron as noted in Ashton's Catalog page. The pump is in its entirety is a bronze like composition metal. Only the adapter fitting's and handle are cast iron.

It will make a perfect emergency hand pump for my small fire tube boiler and when needed. a hydrostatic Test pump. I would say this is the probably the best Boiler hydrostatic Test pump ever made. This particular one shows very little use and no wear whatsoever on the valve's.



So you're the one who bought it! Congrats because you'll put it to good use where I would have set it on a flat surface and looked at it. I wondered who ended up with it.

Please post a few more pictures when you finish cleaning it up.
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Wow! Fantastic job. It's amazing what you can do with Diet Pepsi!:cool: Seriously, what did you do to bring it back to life?


In 1900 The US was negotiating trade treaties with other countries, including France, to reduce the tariffs and sell more US goods overseas. Many US firms contacted the President, McKinley, to express their support for a new treaty. Ashton Valve was one of them.
Trade treaty wFrance 1900  3.jpgTrade Treaty wFrance 1900  2.jpgTrade Treaty wFrance 1900  1.jpg


Odds and ends. Here are a few random Ashton Valve related items.
1. A pre 1895 blurb about the company
2. Ashton letterheads over the years
3. A little if ever used logo
4. City of Cambridge ,Ma. building permits for the 161 First Street address
5. Boston Globe obit for Henry Ashton, 1895IMG_20190630_172911.jpgAshton Valve letterhead.jpgAshton logo.jpgIMG_20180521_131135.jpgNov 13, 1895          HG ASHTON obit.jpg