Associated Choreboy: Need Help


Could someone with the early style of this engine with the straight trip, please measure the diameter of the pin that the igniter trip finger rides on?
The earliest I can get my timing is 10 degrees after TDC. That is with a new igniter and new trip finger that is extended out as far as I dare go. It runs like that but not great.
By putting shim material on the pin I have I can get it to start tripping earlier but I need to know what it should be since I don't think what I have is right. A close up picture with diameter measurement would be great!
Thank You

Rich Mueller Sr

Snowing here and temp going down, and old body is telling me the fire feels better don't have exact measurements and it laundry day thought maybe this I'll help. 1914 Choreboy and others a close up? video has a couple also 8 Mule and early Hiredman..


The pin diameter on my Choreboy - aircooled late production of the straight trip - is .455" I think it is an original pin. Engine fires slightly before TDC and runs well. Dave Pratt


The pin I'm using is .4375 so that should be close.
The engine had a .375 pin and a homemade trip finger when I got it but it didn't run either so I don't know if that worked or not.
I'll look into the cam timing tomorrow.
Like I said, It does run but it has a lot of exhaust noise and takes two to three hits to lock out the latch so I think a lot of the power stroke is going out of the exhaust valve.
Thanks for the help so far...