Associated/Stover Engine Cart replacement part

I have a engine cart I believe to be a Associated or a Stover engine cart. Can anyone identify the cart for sure? As you can see the front mount is in very poor condition! I need to replace it with a new piece. I am wondering if the tubular steel is the original or should it have something else? If anyone has a picture, I sure would appreciate it!! Thanks in advance!! Jeff



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Re: Associated/Stover Engine Cart (replacement par)t

Hi Jeff,
It is Associated and the tube steel is correct.
Bill in KY


Re: Associated/Stover Engine Cart (replacement par)t

Hay Jeff any snow flakes yet ?? the Stover Cart is for a larger then 2 Hp Engine Correct ? I Have a 2 HP CT-2/TB 1936 ,I have never seen a cart for the smaller engines even on Stack, on here some where I'M sure
Re: Associated/Stover Engine Cart (replacement par)t

Yes Wayne the snow is starting to land!! Looks like I'll be replacing the back axle channels also!! That's a lot of drilling!! I'm very surprised at the severe rust out on this cart, but only in certain places!! :shrug:


Kevin O. Pulver

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You can see why it needed to be replaced!! Got it done today!!
You're doing a great job Jeff!
Believe it or not, I replaced a section of inch and a quarter gas line that looked almost just that bad

It wasn't buried but it was laying in the bottom of a ditch on its way to an irrigation motor. I think the grass and dirt that had built up on top of it was all that was holding in the gas to keep it running!