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ASUS RT-A68R Router running SLOW


Staff member
Just a note in case you are having a similar issue. Upon logging into my RT-A68R router for a check up, I noticed a red exclamation point in a yellow square, telling me that a firmware update was available. Always concerned about keeping software up to date, I did the update.

About a week later, I realized that my computer was running very slowly on web pages. I connected the computer directly to the Comcast cable modem and it ran fine. Back through the router, not so much. Things were also fine on WI-FI, but the Ethernet connections were poor. This was getting to be quite evasive until I put 2+2 together about the update. With Comcast, support comes from the Philippines, so not much help there for complicated problems.

ASUS newest update is #4164. The previous update is #3831 and it too runs very slow. I went back further and downloaded and installed #3264, which works much better!

Now I have a sooper-dooper Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 aka R8000-100NAS router to either return to the store or put to work. I'm not sure whether to install it or not, but I'm tired of messing with stuff that doesn't work correctly. Preferences? ASUS? Netgear? Linksys? Belkin? (Belkin now owns Linksys - no longer Cisco and not so great customer service.) The only way you can troubleshoot this stuff is by having duplicates!


We use a Motorola modem (cable internet) that has a built-in router. We had to go that route because the modem/router has the most recent and strongest form of security possible. That was needed because some local jackass was hacking into the old one (through the cable connection!), turning on the wireless on the router, and opening it up and then using it (we think) to play games. Several times he(?) just about completely shut us down, and there was also evidence the hacker had tried to get into our computers (we think unsuccessfully, as we both also have very strong security on our systems).

The new combined modem/router from Motorola seems to be the fastest, safest, and most secure way to go. (It was a special order item for our ISP because of the hacking problem, but may have become the norm because the old setup was fairly easy to hack.)

I'd add that the local "finest" were absolutely no help... they told us unless we had evidence that the hacker was using our setup to break the law ("downloading kiddie porn"), that there was nothing they could do. Never mind that we were getting shut out of a service we'd paid for (and the problems the hacker caused nearly cost my wife her job). I'd even used my tablet with some software to triangulate where the hacker was, and they didn't follow up. At least the ISP didn't charge us extra for the unit!

As far as speed, the combo unit seems to be faster than the old modem/router setups. At least, that's been our experience. Because of my wife's work, she (and I as well) need the fastest setup possible. We regularly run near the top speed possible, especially since we live in a semi-rural area.