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Atlas 10x12 engine NEED INFO

AK Alan

Hey All :wave:
I'm new to this site,I'm looking for any one that can help me with questions that I have about Atlas steam engines 10x12. I'm looking for the years that they were manufactured,the HP, and videos of sum in working order, and looking for info on the Pickering gov. that should be on it.I have the housing for the Pickering unfortunately someone has taken workings, looking for info on the intake and exhaust assuming the intake is going through the Pickering and can the engine run in revers,my grand father and father used steam power in there saw mill in the mid west I was to young to remember :O

Brent Rowell

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You need to repost your question in the Stationary Steam and Traction Engine forum. You're in the hot air (stirling) engine forum.