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Atwater Kent ignition

J.B. Castagnos

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If you've been to Portland you've probably seen Dwain's Indiana tractors, I remember them from my first time there in 1999. Talking to him several years ago we found out he had never run them since he and his dad restored them. After and hour or so we had one of them running although poorly. The next year we adjusted the valves and it ran fine, took a ride on it. He has since gotten two more running. The last one had an Atwater Kent ignition, no coil. The distributor was worn and had been been patched but didn't work. I was able to get it to snap but would not close the points every time. I took it home and modified it, removed the A-K parts, made a cam, machined the breaker plate and installed Ford points and condenser. I made some insulators for the plug towers, it's on the way to him, another should run soon.