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Auction of Hit and Miss Engine Cart and Saw


I have recently joined while searching for information on old machinery. We are retiring from farming and are cleaning out the buildings and yard. Our farm auction will be held on September 18th in SE North Dakota. We have what I believe to be a drop frame engine cart for a large stationary engine. Also there is a tilt table saw, but no blade. The setup may belong together or be separate units, I don't know. It could be a Hercules/Economy set up. The only identification I could find is a stamp in the frame that looks like Illinois G. Not sure.

I just thought someone may have an interest and the sale is setup for online bidding. The link is steffesgroup.com and the sale is under Loren & Diane Staroba for 9/18/2018. All the bidding info is on the website along with some photos in the catalog portion.

Thanks. I enjoy reading about and viewing the different engines on the site.