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Auction of the late Bill Clem's collection

Gail Hansen

There will be an auction of the collection of the late Bill Clem's collection and the family's collection of antique tractor's, gas engine's, over 130 iron and metal seats. Steam engine, tractor and gas engine parts, mags, and other numerous items on October 27, 2012 in Manassas Virginia. More details to follow,
Submitted by: Gail Clem Hansen

German George

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Hope you guys are posting the prices and maybe were the Hart Parr's head to.

Thanks George

Leonard Keifer

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Re: Auction of the late Bill Clem's collection (Some Results)

These are the hammer prices of tractors, engines, and cars that I recorded. They were collecting VA sales tax and there was a 3% fee for using credit or debit cards. Some items were consigned by other family members.

Oliver Super 55 2100
Hart Parr 28-50 with canopy serial #71582-runs, steel wheels 11,000
Hart Parr 18-36 on Steel-runs 5700
Crossmotor Case 15-27 Full steel with rubber 10,250
Wallis 10-20 on steel, older repaint, runs 2200
Wallis 10-20 on steel “project tractor” engine loose 500
Wallis K “project tractor” 600
Massey Harris Challenger-runs 2800
Wallis 20-30 3200
Un-styled Case RC 1100
John Deere B-Late Model 4600
Farmall F-30 on steel, older restoration-runs 1900
Farmall Cub [1625]; snow blade 225]; plow [50]; sickle bar mower [10]
Farmall-F12 tricycle tractor on rubber-rough 150
Farmall Regular on steel 1900
Leader wide front tractor on rubber with wood saw 525
Gibson D – with push blade, runs 1150
Allis Chalmers G 1500
John Deere H – parts tractor 25
Early Frick Steam Engine Serial #313-no boiler 2600
Dairy Boiler 700
Upright Vertical Steam Engine 250
Geiser-Domestic Model A, vertical upright-stationary Steam Engine 2 HP; Serial #9375 4000

Domestic 3 HP tray cooled side shaft, Serial #851, excellent restoration 5000
Waterloo Boy Gas Engine 3 HP, on original cart, early 1900’s, restored 2500
New Holland 5 HP, complete with original cart [Apart] 4000
John Deere 3 HP on original cart, restored 2100
Mogul 1 ¾ HP, runs 1500
Geiser 2 ½ HP, complete, Barn Fresh 3400
Famous vertical 3 HP, complete 3500
International 1 ½ HP Type M, w/spark plug, restored 900
John Deere 1 ½ HP, with igniter, complete, stuck 250
John Deere 1 ½ HP, with igniter 400
John Deere 1 ½ HP, with igniter, complete 375
2 HP United, restored 1150
Root and Vandervoort 2 HP, restored 1500
McCormick Deering Model M, 1 ½ HP, with igniter, Serial #W6228, project started 75
Associated ¾ HP Pony motor, complete 425
Twin Cylinder Maytag Monitor Lawn Mower [Monitor] 350
Delco Light Plant 150
Novo AG with generator 50
Wisconsin AKN 50
Small Delco 6V generator 170 (mine)

1929 Model A Coupe with rumble seat – older restoration, lacquer paint, high average condition, runs 6900
1949 Anglia/English Ford – original, runs Didn’t sell at auction, Reserve not met. I heard that the seller made a private deal after the auction.


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Re: Auction of the late Bill Clem's collection (Some Results)

Thanks for the prices!

Do you know where any of the wallis tractors went? Specifically the k " parts tractor " would have like that one but its a long way from MN!

Leonard Keifer

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Sorry TSeaberg, I don't know where most of the tractors went. Maybe someone else who was there knows.

Jerry Lucabaugh

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Re: Auction of the late Bill Clem's collection (Some Results)

I did not recognize the bidders who bought the 313 Frick engine, nor could I find them after the purchase. Does anyone know who bought it?


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I didn't write down the prices of the engines carts, but they went for NOTHIN!!

Matt L

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The first IHC truck brought 260. The second IHC saw rig went between 200 to 240 I think. The third one I missed. The gieser cart brought 650. And the last one I missed.