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Auction of the Late Walter Weddington of NC Collection


Hi guys,

This is my first post but I've been hanging around just soaking up information for about 2 years. I hope I'm putting this in the right place!

This auction is of part of my Dad's collection and I wanted to be sure word got out to the group. Take a look at what's coming up on October 6th!

All Engines are from the late Walter Weddington Collection from North Carolina.

We don’t often get the opportunity to bid on a selection of engines of this quality and quantity. Online bidding available.

60 Hit Miss Engines
¾ H.P. to 5 H.P. inc.: John Deere, Wonder, Des Jardins, Nova, Ideal, Emerson, Associated, United, International, Economy, Leroy, Mogul, Pontiac, R.E. Olds, Seager, Detroit, Taylor, Union Giant, Big Chief, Stover, Fairbanks, Galloway, Nelson Brothers, Cushman, Witte, Waterloo Boy, Challenge, Sandow, Tom Thumb, Sandwich, Etc.

Magnetos and numerous other parts and related items to sell uncatalogued
Selling Uncatalogued items 10:00 AM. Starting Cataloged promptly at 11:00 AM

Link to auction info:

This will take you directly to the catalog:

There will be more sales coming up later (hit and miss, air cooled, parts, metal & woodworking equip, etc.). I'm working on a list of the engines not included in the October 6th auction, and will try to get that out sometime after.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

Chris Wheeler

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Wow, they offer internet bidding but its obvious they don't want you to use it. 20% buyers premium!!

Andrew Mackey

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OUCH :eek: That's quite a hit for on line bidders! I guess they want to keep the scammers out. All the same though 20%?


Good news re Online Buyers Premium for Auction of the Late Walter Weddington of NC Co

Auction of the Late Walter Weddington of NC Collection

Thanks for the feedback on the 20% buyers premium. I spoke with Marvin Yoder, Manager at Kaufman Auctions and I think we have a work-around for those of you who can't attend the sale.

Mr. Yoder has offered to arrange for off-site buyers to purchase by phone and pay the same 10% premium as on-site buyers.

You have a couple options for doing this - both require you to call in advance and let him know.

Option 1: You can be on the phone with one of their reps during the auction of the engine or engines that you want to bid on. The person on the phone will provide real-time bid updates allowing you to participate in the live bidding.

Option 2: You can place a not-to-exceed bid over the phone.

If you want to arrange for either of these, please contact Marvin Yoder in advance so he can get you set up. Phone: 330-204-4453

Hope this helps,