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Austin Freeway called Pat.

Scotty 2

Great stuff Scott, takes me back to my first car, a Wolseley 15/60 (4 cylinder)which morphed into a 24/80 (6 cylinder) with an engine swap.
Maybe a bit of learning here for those who may be interested.
The numbers: 15/60 = 1500cc/60hp. 24/80 = 2.4L and 80hp. (all values roughly speaking)
There was also a 16/60 if I remember.
The Wolseley was the luxury version of the Austin.

Good stuff Scotty, it is very clean once you get the free-loaders out of the Freeway. Your hose may not be such a tricky bugga to get. Im thinking Mini or similar had something like that. If not a bit of exhaust tube and braze in the small tube and use some short pieces of hose for the reat.
Cobba, that is a new hose in the picture.

Engine bay now the nests are gone. It needs a clean yet.

Home made thermostat housing


Glenn Ayers

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Try some of that expanding foam calking stuff in a can ... With some steel wool stuffed in the hole first.
The little bastards won't touch it then.
Smooth it off & paint it ... riggy diggy doggy




You mean no p!ss stops for the Freeway?

The bottle was to try and keep the mice out. It failed. There's a big hole just to the left where the steering column and gear selector shaft goes through.
I think I will leave the bottle there.

Cheers Scott
Try leaving the beer in the bottle.


Here is a link to explain to others the ADO40 mentioned in your PDF and a brief summary of the Freeway Isandian.

With the prototype, was it imported with the 6 cylinder engine? With the grill in the pictures it would be hard to imagine the 6 cylinder in there.
For those who are interested, they moved the radiator to the front of the radiator support to enable the longer engine to fit in. With the 4 cylinder model made in England, the radiator is to the rear of the support panel.

Cheers Scott
It is my understanding it was imported with the 6 cylinder engine and relocated radiator. If you wish, I can put you in touch with the owner of the prototype, who was very much involved with it at BMC. PM me. Ian